Bike ride


January 30, 2016

Ardmore was notable as the first “commuter” residential neighborhood.  It grew rapidly in the early 1920’s because of Winston’s expanding population.  By then, we had become the largest city in North Carolina.  Ardmore was far enough from downtown that automobiles became important for these residents.  The houses are distinguished by their many garages, usually detached, single-bay often with matching architecture.  Over twenty percent of the historic garages are [read on...]

Sherwood Forest

January 27, 2016

Sherwood Forest’s origins go back to the late 1800’s when Salem mayor C.S. Hauser conveyed the land, then known as Fries Quarters, to the Moravian industrialist Francis Fries’ daughter, Caroline Fries Shaffner in 1879. She died in 1922 and her heirs later developed the land for a residential subdivision in 1948. For whatever reason it would be named Sherwood Forest. You will see the names of the streets coming from Robin Hood folklore. Click for map Pine Valley Rd past Forsyth [read on...]

Tour de Washington Park

January 27, 2016

Doing the Washington Park route when we start at West End Coffeehouse gives us a fairly good exposure to Winston Salem’s south side in general.  We’ll head over to Brookstown Avenue toward Old Salem.  We’ll pass by the Winston Salem Visitor Center that, along with the Brookstown Inn, is housed in former 19th century factories owned by Moravian industrialist Henry Fries. (The triangular shaped building at the corner of Brookstown and Marshall was originally a transformer [read on...]

Brushy Fork Greenway

January 20, 2016

To reach the Brushy Fork greenway, we will head through downtown on Fourth Street all the way to N. Highland Avenue past highway 52 (referred to as the North-South expressway).  At the next block we turn right on Fifth Street and travel past an area where the city’s early hospital, City Memorial, stood.  Beyond that we will enter the Skyland neighborhood, veering off left onto Old Greensboro Road.  Shortly we turn left into Skyland Park where the Newell/Massey greenway runs along [read on...]

Salem Lake

January 18, 2016

On our Sunday ride to Salem Lake, we head down Fourth Street and turn right on Church Street behind Winston Tower.  We will continue on Church Street into Old Salem’s Moravian cemetery. Moravians refer to their cemeteries as “God’s Acre” (not always necessarily an acre). In 1857 the town acquired an adjacent area for the nondenominational Salem Cemetery. Many prominent families are buried there, most notable being the family plot where R.J. Reynolds and wife Katharine [read on...]

Buena Vista and Country Club

January 10, 2016

photo by Bill Petrie Like the WFU ride, we again head west on Fourth Street, descend down Brookstown Avenue to Hanes Park, circle around the park counter-clockwise through Runnymead to cross Stratford Road. Click for map However since this is a common start for our westward routes, a point of interest at the intersection of Reynolda and Northwest Blvd should be noted.  Currently a restaurant, Carmine’s 901 Grill, has received one or two comments as we pass by that the building resembles [read on...]

WFU return on Trade

January 8, 2016

The first ride of 2016 was our modified WFU route.  Instead of basically retracing our route back through the Buena Vista area, we instead took Arbor Road into the northeast neighborhoods to return downtown via Trade Street.  In addition to seeing a pretty stark socio-economic divide today, we could also start seeing how the residential neighborhoods began to evolve as the tobacco and textile boom at the turn of the twentieth century started. Route map Setting out west on Fourth Street, we [read on...]