Buena Vista and Country Club


photo by Bill Petrie

Like the WFU ride, we again head west on Fourth Street, descend down Brookstown Avenue to Hanes Park, circle around the park counter-clockwise through Runnymead to cross Stratford Road.

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However since this is a common start for our westward routes, a point of interest at the intersection of Reynolda and Northwest Blvd should be noted.  Currently a restaurant, Carmine’s 901 Grill, has received one or two comments as we pass by that the building resembles an old service station.  There’s a good reason for that.  In 1938, Quality Oil built its offices there and had a Shell service station on the corner.

Reynolda and NW Blvd in 1938

Reynolda and NW Blvd in 1938

This time after crossing Stratford Road, we will stay on Warwick until we come to Avalon Road and take a left to cross Country Club Road.  A right on Bitting Road takes us into the neighborhood known as Country Club Estates.  The subdivision was platted in 1927 with its name obviously referring to the nearby Forsyth Country Club. Although our ride does not take in the country club we will come close as we return and cross over into the Westview neighborhood.  More about the Country Club history will be noted in the Sherwood Forest route description.

Many of the houses we encounter in this part of the trek have a stately Colonial Revival look and were constructed in the 1930s and 1940s.  However now and then a Canterburymodernist experiment will offer a stark contrast such as one steel beam and glass house built in 1952 you may spot as we go up Canterbury Trail.

As we move west through the Burkwood Place and Woodvale neighborhoods, we arrive at Keating Drive where we turn south before heading back on Kinnamon Drive.  We will just be a block north of the city’s Greek Orthodox church.  This church was built in 1970 and can be spotted from Business 40.  Interestingly, Winston Salem’s greek_orthooriginal Greek church was located just a block away from us when we started our ride. The Greek residents formed a congregation in 1926 but it was not until 1947 they were able to purchase a former Baptist church building on the corner of Fourth and Spring Street.  That building was demolished in 1986.

Our return takes us back through Buena Vista proper–streets like Oaklawn, Greenbrier, Carolina Circle.  Locals typically group a much larger area as “BV” but in fact parts of it are technically neighborhoods like West Highlands or Stratford Place.