Brushy Fork Greenway

To reach the Brushy Fork greenway, we will head through downtown on Fourth Street all the way to N. Highland Avenue past highway 52 (referred to as the North-South expressway).  At the next block we turn right on Fifth Street and travel past an area where the city’s early hospital, City Memorial, stood.  Beyond that we will enter the Skyland neighborhood, veering off left onto Old Greensboro Road.  Shortly we turn left into Skyland Park where the Newell/Massey greenway runs along Brushy Fork Creek for a little over a mile to the entrance to Winston Lake Park.

Link to map

Winston Lake Park is a recreational area similar to nearby Salem Lake.  We can add about a mile to our ride by continuing on into the park and exiting back on to Old Greensboro Road at Atkins High School.  Right on to Old Greensboro takes us past a number of distinctive old houses and we will turn right on Waterworks Road to take us back to the greenway.

Now we retrace our greenway route back to where we entered at Skyland Park, this time crossing the road and beginning on to the Brushy Fork greenway extention, a 0.6 mile addition more recently opened.  This part will take us under a very cool historic steel bridge that around a hundred years ago allowed the eastern-most portion of E. First Street to cross above.


The greenway ends at Lowery Street on the other side of Business 40.  We make our way up to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.  Directly across MLK Drive is the faded but once stunning architecture of the Union Station, built in 1926 to serve the three train lines in the city: Southern, Norfolk & Western and the Winston Salem Southbound.

From here, we carefully navigate our way back through downtown to the starting point at the West End Coffeehouse.