April 2015

Curtain call

April 17, 2015

Despite all of the discontent of going to school, I guess it did instill a few things in me that I do not regret.  My first exposure to the theater was no doubt grade school bus trips our classes would take to the children’s plays at the city’s Little Theatre.  I can’t name a single play I saw but there were many.  In fact, all I remember is the children’s theater mascot–someone, oddly, dressed in a rabbit costume. Yet now, in my adult life, I undeniably looked [read on...]

Heritage tourism

April 3, 2015

The visitor center often provides “step on” services for bus tours that come to our city. That is where one of us on the staff boards the bus to provide some narration to the sights. The first one that I got to do was an interesting one as it requested an African American focus. So, in addition to my trepidation as a first time tour guide, I had to do a little extra research. Winston and Salem were two separate towns until their consolidation in 1913. Religious settlers, the Moravians, [read on...]