February 2015

Southern snowphobia

February 28, 2015

Around here, it’s like this. There is the slightest hint of snow or frozen precipitation in the news. Panic spreads. Grocery stores sell out of bread and milk. People anxiously start wondering how, or if, they will make it to work the next day. Closing listings appear on your TV shows with startling beeps and scrolling marquees across the bottom of the screen. And we wait. For the end of the world. In Winston Salem these events could happen less than twice a year. Sometimes not at all. It [read on...]

Pawn of a new age

February 21, 2015

Is it odd that my friends from Cincinnati know more about the local pawn shops in my city than I do? Is it odd they even go to pawn shops at all? I wouldn’t normally peg them as typical pawn shop clientele. Maybe that shows you how much I know about know about these businesses. The last time they came to visit, I thought I might just tag along with them after we had lunch at Sweet Potatoes. They wanted to noodle around the shops downtown and I knew a pawn shop would certainly be on their [read on...]

Event thunder

February 15, 2015

A number of years ago, there was a multi-staged downtown event showcasing a number of pop, rock and roots music acts. The organizers had high hopes but the turnout was disappointing. The conclusion was that the day had too many conflicting events already scheduled and better calendar planning should have been considered. “Too much going on” seemed to be kind of a good problem to have for a city wanting to make a successful go of revitalization. But if it was just a coin toss to see [read on...]

Celebrity Neighbors

February 12, 2015

Last night I settled into a seat at the R. J. Reynolds Auditorium. Any visitor would no doubt find this an unlikely high school auditorium. Built in 1924 under the auspices of the Reynolds family, it was designed by architect Charles Barton Keen of Philadelphia and comfortably seats over 1800 people. In the elegant lobby are three marble statues, duplicates of famous Italian works that were sculpted in Italy and transported here during the construction of the auditorium. Reynolds Auditorium I [read on...]

Rainy Day Monday

February 12, 2015

After working for a while on Saturdays, I got my first weekday to work at the Visitors Center. It was a Monday. It also happened to be raining. Neither of these factors struck me as particularly special until an out-of-town couple came in and asked me what they could do that day. Having dealt with such a question on numerous Saturdays, I was not expecting to to find myself like a deer caught in the headlights. But I was. It dawned on me that for visitors to Winston Salem, Monday must seem like [read on...]